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Choosing Her Wedding Ring

Her wedding ring is actually the easy one of the two wedding rings to choose, as your engagement ring will have a strong influence on the look of the wedder. Your wedding ring should complement the engagement ring and fit alongside perfectly, matching in profile, colour and style. An 'off the shelf' ring  alongside your engagement ring will look out of place and tarnish the individuality of your engagement diamond. 

Your wedder should be made to match in every aspect so it complements your engagement ring - made to be with each other, as are you and your partner. 

Whenever I make an engagement ring I always consider the wedder. How will it sit alongside the engagement ring? How can I enhance this special ring? On average, an engagement ring will spend about a year by itself, and then a life time with its friend. To only design an engagement ring, without considering the wedding ring, is only doing half the job and not looking at the bigger picture. 

A badly fitted wedding ring will also wear against the engagement ring and damage both the wedder and engagement ring, costing you money in repairs in the future.  It is nice to know that your ring will be in good condition when it is passed down to the next generation.