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There can be a few reasons why you are thinking about remodelling your jewellery. Your taste may have changed and a piece you once used to love now sits forgotten in your jewellery box, or maybe that antique piece you still love has come to the end of its life, or perhaps you have just collected bits and pieces over the years and you want them all brought together in just one special piece that you can wear all the time. Whatever the reason, most people have some things they don’t wear anymore or a box of broken bits and pieces and odd earrings.

Most gold can be re-used in some way or another and most stones can be removed and re-used. Diamonds most definitely as they are the hardest material, and are most likely to be in the same condition that they were when they were set originally. However, even so, chipping does occur for various reasons and it is not uncommon for stones to have chips in them. Sometimes these can be recut depending on the damage and size of the stone and sometimes the design of the setting can hide such flaws. Semi-precious stones like rubies and sapphires, although second to diamonds on the hardness scale can also suffer chipping and scratching over their life time, especially on the table and around the edge of the facets. Like any stones these can be re-polished and as long as the chips are not too offensive, can be restored to their original beauty. Sometimes if it’s a ring that's been handed down through the family you might not even know how special that stone really is until you consult an expert.

Often people have a few gold chains that they have collected over the years and bracelets that have been worn so much and repaired so many times that it’s become too costly to keep repairing them or you risk it breaking and losing it altogether. More often than not these are 9ct which is a good hard wearing metal and if you have a collection you might find you have more than you actually realise. A great way to re-use these is by melting them all together and making a bangle that you can wear all the time - all your old memories melted into one beautiful solid piece that you will have with you always. I have several bangle designs that can easily be made out of old gold and will look great with or without the addition of stones. Although you also have the option of adding stones at a later date. Bangles can be a great work in progress as you can always add a diamond to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion or perhaps the birthstone of a new family member.

Whether you have 9, 14 or 18ct gold it can all be alloyed down to the lowest carat you have, and you will end up with a lot more options than you first thought. For example, if you have ten grams in 18 ct it can be alloyed down into 9 ct giving you a total of 20 grams, increasing your options.

So whether you want a new ring or just want to use up your dormant gold, don't be afraid that you don't know what you want, but bring down everything that you’re unsure about. Let me inspire you and help you find out what your new piece is going to be. 

It's my job to find a new beginning for your jewellery and turn it into something that you won't want to put away in a box ever again!